We, along with our spine specialists, have spent a lot of time worrying about the pain and side effect and healing of our patients.
“Since traditional incisions require longer recovery and rehabilitation periods, we have considered minimally invasive surgical methods and techniques applied for a patent and were recognized for their value.

We also research and develop specialized medical devices necessary for the medical market. We have prepared a training program to spread the surgery.

The goal of Endovision is to share the spine surgical methods and techniques for doctors around the world.
We provide the best quality videos of live surgeries of experienced doctors and training courses with KOL.

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International Training Program for
Spinal Biportal Endoscope Technique

Speaker: Seokbong Jung, M.D.

· Soonchunhyang univ. college of medicine
· Orthopedics in Seoul Soonchunhyang univ. hospital
· Spine fellowship under prof. Byung Joon shin,
· Spine center in Seoul Soonchunhyang univ. hospital
· Spine Center, Jinju Bon Hospital, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
· Biportal endoscopic spine surgery in the treatment of multi-level spontaneous lumbar epidural hematoma:
Case report Mar. 2019, Journal of Orthopaedic Science
· Percutaneous unilateral biportal endoscopic spine surgery using a 30 arthroscope in patients with severe lumbar spinal stenosis:
a technical note. (Clinical spine surgery )
· Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Unilateral Biportal Endoscopic Spinal Cervical Surgery
Journal of Advanced Spine Surgery 20190902 p.23 ~ 30

Speaker: Jin Hwa Eum, M.D.

· Director of Spine Center, Barun Hospital(Seoul, Korea)
· Director of Spine Center, Bumin Hospital(Seoul, Korea)
· Head of Wooridul Hospital(Pohang, Korea)
· Director of Spine Center, Neurosurgery Dept., Wiltse Memorial Hospital,(Suwon, Korea)
· Clinical Fellow ant Montefiore Hospital(New York, USA)
· Trained at SCI Center, New York University Medical Center(New York, USA)
· Member of NASS, International Chapter(North American Spine Society)
· Member of AO Spine
· Member of KNS(Korean Neurosurgical Society)
· Successfully performed over 3,000 cases of UB Endoscopic spine surgeries


Contents Period Remark
Lecture for Procedure & Technique 1 week
or extended
Interactive Discussion
Live Surgery Observation for all Cases
Dummy practice with Total system


* The training period can be extended upon requests.

Total Solution System for Spinal Biportal Endoscope Surgery


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