Surgery per Case

Case: 2 level Biportal Cervical Surgery
C56 C67 Rt. side foraminal stenosis and herniation
C56 keyhole foraminotomy
C67 discectomy and foraminotomy
Patient: Male 58 who have had moderate scapular pain and mild weakness on the rt. arm since 7 months ago
The disc is distal to the nerve root. but in this case The disc is proximal to the nerve root
Operation Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Case: L23 discectomy by bi(two)portal technique using 30 degrees

The rupt disc was migrated below the level.

It is not easy to remove the migrated disc from L 23 because there is the risk of facet injury due to a narrowness between the facet and the root

With bi-portal techniques, Using hands independently

Operation Time: 1st. case 30 minutes / 2nd case 40 minutes